Product Name : 48.25-300MHz Adjacent modulator

Model : GCM-1000

Packing Information

Giftbox Size : mm

Carton Size : cm


  • With SAW filter treatmentt, high performance of residual side band and out of band rejection, suitable for adjacent channel system
  • Audio sub-carrier controlled by PLL, high frequency accuracy and stability
  • Superior design offering compact , reliable circuit and excellent phase noise index
  • Video modulation index; A/V carrier ratio; Audio FM deviation; RF output level are adjustable individually
  • Suitable for 19〞standard rack mounting, with rear panel AC outlet for cascade usage


Item Unit Specification Item Unit Specification

Output Frequency Range

MHz 48.25~300

Differential Gain

% ≤3

Output Level MAX

dBuV 113

Differential Phase


Output Level Adjusting Range

dB 20

C/L Delay

nS ≤35

Spurious Rejection

dB 60

Audio FM Deviation

KHz ±50

Video Carrier Accaracy

KHz ±5

Audio in-band Frequency Response

dB ≤1.5
Output Impedance Ohm 75

A/V Carrier Ratio

dB -10~30
Output Return Loss dB 14

Audio S/N

dB ≥57
Video Modulation % 87.5

Power Supply

V.AC 220±10%
Video Frequency Response dB ≤2.0

Operating Temperation

Video S/N dB 50      
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