Product Name : Multi switch with built-in power supply

Model : MS-5012PE

Packing Information

Giftbox Size : mm

Carton Size : cm


  • Powe supplied by satellite receiver and external AC power
  • 4 SAT signals switched through 13V/0Hz, 18V/0Hz, 13V/22KHz, 18V/22KHz
  • 1 SAT +1 ANT input, 4,8,12 or 16 output


Frequency Range ANT 5-860(MHz)
Frequency Range SAT 950-2150 (MHz)
Insertion Loss ANT 5(dB)
Insertion Loss SAT 3(dB)
Isolation Between Outputs 25(dB)
Switching Isolation SAT Inputs 28(dB)
Return Loss Inputs 12(dB)
Return Loss Outputs 8(dB)
Output Level ANT 85(dBuV)
Output Level SAT 100(dBuV)
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